“Resporg solutions does a great job of managing our numbers, so we don’t have to!”

VP of Operations

“Carrier Connect Corporation has been doing business with Resporg Solutions since its inception. Resporg Solutions has provided us reliability and tools to enhance our business. They have been outstanding in offering solutions that have allowed us to bring on new business increasing our profits. Their portal allows us to quickly change mapping and their templates let us keep our information readily available to us. We would highly recommend their services to businesses needing Resporg services.”

Patrick Sheehan
Carrier Connect

“I have been a user of the Resporg Solutions portal for over 11 years and by far it is the best toll free routing tool in the industry. It has been an incredible time saver. I am able to complete templates in less then 1/2 the time of other tools that I have used.”

David Siegel
Toll-Free Routing Consultant

“We originally started using Resporg Solutions because the provider we were using did not have a portal for us to order and control toll free numbers. We are paying much less today for much better service. Since switching to Resporg Solutions, we are much happier and 50% more productive, not only because of the portal, but also because responses to questions and resolutions to issues happen fast and smooth.”

Sales Manager
Jivetel Communications

“Resporg Solutions has helped us to reduce the implementation time of our Least Cost Routing from hours to minutes, using templates any adjustment is really easy”

Victor H. Ochoa G.
Logical Telecom, LP.

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